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Glamee Beer Blueberry Ice Disposable Vapes

Glamee Beer Blueberry Ice is a beer-infused ice cream made from blueberries and cream. It’s one of the most popular beer ice cream flavors, and for good reason. It’s sweet, smooth and tastes just like real blueberry ice cream! It’s also very affordable. It’s the perfect treat for a cold night on the town!


Glamee Beer Blueberry Ice is a refreshing fruity beer that is perfect for summer. This brew is made with a wheat base and has a very subtle raspberry flavor to it. This is a great choice for those who want to try a new brew and are looking for something a bit more subtle than other fruit beers. This brew has a very smooth feel to it and is definitely one that is easy to enjoy. I have tried a few other brews from this brewery but this is my favorite so far!

This brew pours with an amber body and a nice frothy cap that is long lasting. The smell is yeasty and grainy with a hint of fresh blueberries. The taste is very sweet and fruity with a mix of berries, grains and some moderate hopping to round out the finish. It is a very enjoyable beverage to sip on and would be a nice addition to the burger party during the warm summer months.


The price is a touch high but the quality of this brew is well worth the splurge. A frothy top notch finish, this blueberry ice is a classy drink that will be a nice addition to your bar fridge. I’ve never been a fan of this style of beer but this one is the best I’ve had in a while. It also has a hefty dose of wit. A well balanced taste and a decent amount of alcohol will leave you feeling energized all day long.